Private Company Business Owners

AmbroseAdvisors™ Clients

AmbroseAdvisors™ Clients


Our clients range from growing businesses looking for growth capital to mature businesses looking to provide liquidity to shareholders. Each client has unique needs, time horizons and concerns, and each may be at a different point in their life cycle. Some clients are evaluating a merger, acquisition or divestiture. Others may be seeking capital for growth, looking to obtain independent benchmarks of the value of their businesses or are in some stage of an exit or transition strategy. The common thread with every client is the need for a customized solution to move from the current position to the desired outcome.

Working with the Client’s Other Advisors

Working With Outside Advisors


AmbroseAdvisors™ is composed of professionals with unique skills and competencies which complement the skills and competencies of the other professionals on your team. If you are an accountant, attorney, banker, insurance or wealth management professional, our team will collaborate with you to determine your client’s objectives and develop effective solutions to achieve each objective in the most efficient manner possible.

When you integrate AmbroseAdvisors™ into the evaluation of your client’s objectives and available solutions, you ensure that your client will receive measured, insightful analysis designed to optimize results. In other words, you ensure that the trust between you and your client will grow and continue into the future.

The AmbroseAdvisors™ team supplements the expertise of other professionals by offering comprehensive knowledge of a multitude of industries and sectors and deep expertise in structuring and executing transactions. Each member of our team is solution-oriented and dedicated to enhancing the relationships existing between other professionals and their clients.

Client Assessment Analysis

Client Assessment Analysis


We begin every engagement by developing a comprehensive understanding of our client and their desired objectives. By establishing a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives, we can craft a tailored solution designed to achieve each objective in the most efficient manner possible. We understand that, while all of our clients are accomplished business professionals, many do not have capital markets, valuation or transaction experience. Each of our Principals earns our client’s trust and respect by incorporating the client’s knowledge of the business and its operations into the analysis and solutions we create. The Client Assessment Analysis is the vehicle that establishes the baseline for our advice.

How To Get Started With AmbroseAdvisors™

How To Get Started With AmbroseAdvisors™


The simplest way to begin the process is to contact us. You should determine whether we are the right type of professionals to advise you and your other advisors through a transaction process. This is essential—we are trusted advisors to each of our clients, and we believe that each client relationship should be founded on trust.