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AmbroseAdvisors™ is a middle-market investment banking and financial advisory firm focused on guiding and assisting private company business owners with business succession planning, valuation advice, executing business sale transactions, acquisitions and capital placements to companies operating in all industries.

Our Team

We have a unified, multi-disciplinary team of in-house investment banking, consulting and legal professionals*
to provide a complete and comprehensive sell-side solution to our clients.

Ambrose’s Unique ESOP Expertise

Ambrose’s Unique ESOP Expertise

We have extensive knowledge and experience in utilizing an ESOP as an exit planning solution.

Options :

We help business owners and their advisors understand and develop customized ESOP buyout and M&A strategies to either provide partial liquidity to shareholders or to complete a full sale. The AmbroseAdvisors™ team is experienced in the valuation, financing, tax, accounting, legal*, and employee benefit aspects of buyout transactions. Whether you are an existing ESOP-owned company looking to provide non-ESOP shareholders a liquidity event, a corporate board evaluating an ESOP buyout transaction, or a business owner looking to maximize after-tax proceeds in an M&A sale transaction, we can provide insight, counseling, and assistance in helping you make a fully-informed decision.

Dual-Track Process :

ESOP Buyout and M&A Sell-Side. Our strategic approach to investment banking is unique as one of the only providers of dual-track financial advisory services that utilizes the ESOP transaction and its after-tax value as a near-certain backstop to the M&A sale process. Our team simultaneously initiates sale and ESOP processes to efficiently utilize management resources, perform due diligence, and approach the market, while maintaining optionality for as long as practical.This allows business owners to evaluate the following aspects of both transactions: after-tax proceeds, fit with potential buyers, ongoing involvement & impact of management while providing an additional negotiating tool with potential buyers.

Client Engagement Process

Client Engagement Process

The key to every successful transaction is FIRST understanding the goals and objectives of the client. We thoroughly review our client’s objectives, the current market conditions for their business and any obstacles that may exist to achieving each of the desired objectives. The first step in our process begins with our Client Assessment Analysis. This creates the blueprint to identify what specific actions to take and the timelines needed from pre-transaction though post-transaction.

Why Ambrose?

The word “Ambrose” originates from a Greek word meaning immortal, which reflects our long-term solution-oriented focus. We give senior-level attention to every client on every deal and treat the transaction as if we were selling or raising capital for our own business. Unlike most sell-side advisors, we maintain a continuing relationship with our ESOP clients through our TPA practice and our non-ESOP clients by continuing to provide advice until all post-closing obligations are met. In fact, we advise many of our ESOP-owned clients in sales to third parties that provides a repayment of transaction debt to banks and former sellers, as well as cash to the ESOP and its participants

Why Ambrose


AmbroseAdvisors™ offers a complete sell-side advisory solution. We seek to create an outcome that rewards selling shareholders, investors and employees. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals create a working environment that allows us to support the client and their advisors with a unified, experienced team that can handle the full range of the transaction cycle.*

*All ESOP-related legal services are provided through Holzman Horner PLLC, an affiliate member of AmbroseAdvisors™.

**Certain Investment Banking Services Through: ShorelineAmbrose Advisors, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC